Are you able to generate leads and get customers to grow your business?
We're a digital and event marketing agency helping brands get a competitive advantage with inbound marketing.
What is Inbound Marketing?
Inbound marketing is the use of tools and channels that convert customers with valuable content and experiences tailored to them. While outbound marketing interrupts, inbound marketing connects with customers and solves problems they already have.
Who we are
We are a Hubspot Solution provider. We partner with brands, leveraging digital and event marketing to guide leads into customers. We go beyond a full-funnel approach nurture advocates to grow your business.
Tanya Ruiz
Tanya Ruiz
Head of Event Services
Raffy Santos
Raffy Santos
Head of Digital Services

What we do

Digital Solutions
Grow your business online. Generate leads, acquire customers, and engage clients using a Growth-Driven Website. Gain a competitive advantage. Make your next team member a 24/7 inbound marketing platform.
Event Solutions
End-to-end event management services. You can experience your event unfold from concept to event day or you can fill the gaps in your management team with our services. Our team has the expertise to keep events on track to get the job done.

Hello, I am Tanya, the head of Event Services at Incognitus. What draws me to events is the process of creation. I start each event with my client’s vision, translating it into an operational file. This serves as my blueprint for the event as I collaborate with the right team to assemble the different event components. On event day, I am my client’s partner on the ground. I execute events with a mission to create a meaningful experience that delivers the client’s message to their audience.

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