You want to grow your business. You want to make it the best version it can be for your market. And you believe that digital marketing is the way to do it.

You read, hear, see, watch, interact with digital everywhere. You want digital marketing: post on Instagram, publish an infographic on FB, make a viral YouTube video, trend on FB.  Stop.

First things first. Why digital marketing? How can it help? What is digital marketing?


Buyers are empowered. When buyers have a job to be done, buyers search for helpful and trustworthy content to

  • learn more about their problems,
  • research options,
  • consider solutions,
  • decide and make a choice
  • get support.

Business should be that expert, that trustworthy source of information for everyone on that journey. This is where your story comes in. This is where you tell your story about how you can help get a job done.


Be helpful in the right way, at the right time, all the time.

Blogs, social media, email, chat make it possible for you to do this. These digital tools deliver value 24/7 through channels where people consume content and engage with your brand. Moreover, the tools lend themselves to analysis to optimize the delivery of your value and maximize engagement.

An inbound approach puts rhyme and reason to the various strategies, tactics, and tools available. Inbound approach is how we attract, engage and delight people.

Inbound Marketing 101

HubSpot is the technology that provides a seamless integration of the appropriate tools to guide your buyers through their journey.


The following is our full set of services.  Each is a combination of the strategy, tactics, skills and tools that abide by the inbound approach. We combine services into solution packs to match your goals and challenges.

This about the story of your brand by being helpful


Inbound Marketing

Foundation Workshop

  • Definition
  • Goals Setting
  • Strategy

Attract Solutions

Engage Solutions

Delight Solutions

HubSpot Technology

  • CRM
  • Marketing Hub Set-Up
  • Integration

Growth-Driven Website

CTA #1

Incognitus wants to be a business partner solving a problem, helping get a job done. Would would you like to sit down and see what you and Incognitus can get done? Schedule a meeting

CTA #2

Itching to post your first selfie with your latest product? You may want to hold that thought and plan a bit first download [Free Checklist: How to Run an Inbound Marketing Campaign].

CTA #3

Learn more about inbound and how you can attract, engage and delight. Visit the HubSpot academy/Incongitus Library


Buyer Persona Development
Define representations of ideal customers within your buyer profiles. A deep understanding of your buyer persona(s) drive remarkable content and customer acquisition.
Sales & Marketing Alignment
Integrate communications and operations between client sales and marketing teams. Optimize results by aligning expectations between departments.
Content Strategy
A Content Strategy helps marketers develop content topics and themes and organizes their publishing schedule.
Other Content Creation
The foundation of inbound marketing centers around content creation. Leverage buyer personas to create content that speaks uniquely to your audience and different stages in the buyer’s journey.
Conversion Path Creation
A conversion path is the process by which an anonymous website visitor becomes a known lead. It includes a remarkable content offer (see above), a call-to-action, a landing page, and a thank you page. Create premium content offers, along with a conversion path (see below), to help generate leads. .
A/B Testing
Changing a variable (titles, color, layout, etc.) at a time to see what preforms better.
MOFU/BOFU Offer Creation
Create middle and bottom of the funnel offers to help advance prospects through the considersation and decision stages of the buyer’s journey.