We understand that each and every event is different, unique and special. Each event has its own distinct audience, tone, personality and objectives.
Our passion is managing the intricate behind the scenes details to deliver a superior event experience for your audience, with our team working as your partner is in telling your brand’s story.
Event Planning
Working with an operational file that details event schedules and milestones as we progress from conceptualization to execution.
Budget Management
Managing a central budget and recording relevant event expenses.
Event Safety
Risk assessment prior to the event and collaboration with different safety and security agencies, resulting in emergency procedures and contingency plans for different scenarios.
Event Registration
Accepting and processing registrations online and producing e-tickets for attendees for quick check-in and other perks on event day.
Event Promotion
Conceptualizing a content plan based on your brand’s story and reaching out to your audience through strategic internet and social media touch points.
Vendor and Talent Management
Interfacing with all event vendors, managing VIP requirements and ensuring quality and timely delivery of services from all parties.
Site Selection
Conducting venue research, coordinating oculars, negotiating venue contracts and acquring permits.
Creatives, Booths and Installations
Creating cohesive messaging, designing producing and set-up of event collaterals, booths and other installations.